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Parents’ Guilt in Teen Alcoholism

People have been drinking alcohol for generations, so it is definitely nothing new here. Teens drinking and concerns for the dangers behind it is newer than anything else because, for a long time, alcohol was safer to drink than potentially dirty water.

Yeah, I know, crazy right? So we as a culture have this really weird relationship with alcohol already, and now teens think It’s fun to party just like I did. I’m not an anomaly sadly, because what I did is all too common these days.

A lot of kids have parents who suffered from alcoholism just like I did. It can often be a deterrent, yeah, but not always. Kids are dumb, just like I was dumb. We really don’t realize the extent of our problems until we hit rock bottom cause our brains just are not fully developed yet.

The amount of kids raised in alcoholic households is crazy high. God, the number of mothers, continuing to drink alcohol even when they are pregnant is insane.

A common question is, can you drink alcohol while trying to get pregnant? And like, yeah, you can, though it is not recommended cause what if you don’t realize you are pregnant for a while? Then you put your child at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome brain abnormalities and the like.

The number of kids born with fetal alcohol syndrome should show you that for many people alcohol is the most important thing, even when it comes to their kids, and having them doesn’t change that at all.

How alcoholic parents affect child development isn’t really even questionable because we know it can have disastrous effects. Children are exposed to alcoholism at too young an age, and it isn’t okay.

They may have issues with their self-esteem and wonder why alcohol is more important to their parents than they are.

It Can Cause Guilt

Believe it or not, kids will totally blame themselves for their parents’ alcoholism. Like, I definitely did. Why wasn’t I enough for my dad to stop? It felt like I should have been.


I definitely got anxious about my dad’s alcoholism as a kid. You never knew when he would drink too much, and it would turn into a wild storm to deal with, and my mom and I would be walking on eggshells.

Being Embarrassed

I was embarrassed about my dad too because he’d get drunk just to go to school events. Somehow that never correlated with my drinking, and that’s probably because of my experiences with his alcoholism as well. It’s easy for it all to get so screwed up in a kids head.

So you see, parents can contribute to your own alcoholism too by confusing your relationship with it and making it feel like a normal thing to deal with. Or at least you aren’t as bad as them so it never really hits you that you have lost control entirely these days.

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